Who are we really as women and men and how can we get better connected? That's what people are finding out with the new Healing Man Healing Woman game and events made by Dr . Antonia M. There are plenty of tools, tips and advice out there for people to find, asserts Dr . M, a business and life evolution expert.

“The problem is that a lot of them are primarily based on unhealthy concepts of who and how men and women should be. Healing Man Healing Woman is a transformational communication game, relationship game and friendship game for women and men to build healthy relationships, meaningful connections and nearness with lovers, family, friends-and with themselves. “We're launching live Healing Man Healing Girl game nights and social mixers for folk to come to in NY Town, starting Tuesday, April 26,” asserts game creator, Doctor. M. “They're definitely not your standard get-togethers.” . The object of the extremely interactive game is for players to reveal the unexplored man or woman inside them and to help one another become the entire man or complete girl they are meant to be. M explains, “because part of it involves interrogating and expanding the concept and the image of what it means to be a man or a the website thus what it suggests to be you.” Playing the game organically creates community and cooperation between players.

“When you play a Healing Man Healing Girl game,” say Doctor. M, “you are going to grow outside your restrictions and walk away having made some of the finest connections you've had in your life.” . The Healing Man Healing Woman card game makes it easy for any person to make unique social mixers, get-togethers, and game nights on their own regardless of where they are. M reveals, “for women and men around the planet to get the game and get together to play, heal, transform, and develop.

They are actually needed. And they are heaps of fun too!” . About the Game and its Creator . One of Dr. M’s first inspirations for the game came while practicing self-dense and the selfdefense skills (kung fu). She noted what she calls a “common wound” in women that kept them disconnected from both their physical power and inner strength.

Healing Woman and Man is based upon Dr. M’s Full Expansion Method-an innovative approach to determined empowerment and breaking persistent self-limiting patterns. A powerful tool for individuals, couples, families and groups (in addition to their coaches and therapists), the cards in the game can also be used as affirmations and as launch pads for journaling or other inspirational writing. The Healing Man Healing Woman game and Dr. M’s other works are available at HealingSpirit distribution press release

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