With over half unions ending in divorce, and with women initiating roughly 70-75% of them, there is mounting evidence that women are generally unhappy in their relations, and with men generally. Sean Freeman, creator of Advantage Dating, announces that many men today are baffled about what ladies desire. Feeling disconnected from women, and even from themselves, many men hunt down the solutions to interacting with girls in various “tricks” and “tactics” purportedly designed to train them how to get a girlfriend or to have more solid relationships. Sadly, these tricks and methods often act as a short lived band-aid, seldom address core issues, or worse – lead men far astray. “Learning how to meet women release press release shouldn’t be this complicated,” asserts Freeman. Freeman believes that men today are brought up in an emasculating culture that sets them up to fail from a young age. As a result, many men have difficulty meeting the ladies they want, getting a girlfriend, having the romantic lives they need, and many girls are left unsatisfied.

This discontent is necessarily carried over into relationships and weddings, partially making a contribution to a divorce rate that seems irrevocable. With the dating pools in major urban areas getting more competitive, men are looking for answers more than ever. Freeman designed Advantage Dating to give men the key info that they need to know to give themselves an edge in their dating life, the way to meet girls they want to be with, and to form more gratifying relationships. Having consulted men for years as a pursuit, he eventually decided to take his teachings and make a all-encompassing programme for men. His program, Advantage Dating delves head on into this arguable subject material and is now available for sale. Visit advantagedatingsite to download the first 3 chapters of the programme freely.

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