The following is a statement from the family of Yeardley Love. “We miss Yeardley so very much and will work constantly to honor her bequest. It is actually devastating to wake each day and realize she is now not here. Her bright, good future was stolen from us all. Yeardley’s contagious grin, kind spirit and delicate touch have left this world but we all know heaven now has an angel unlike any other. We won't ever be in a position to satisfactorily thank everybody for their outpouring of love, support and prayers. Yeardley and Lexie Love, yeardley, yeardley love They have given us the will to continue and we are eternally thankful to each and every one of them.

We have faith in the justice system and trust that the truth will prevail.”

  • Sharon and Lexie Love
At this time the Love family asks that any media requests be directed to data (at) joinonelove (dot) org.

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