In the midst of a “longevity revolution,” more than seventy-eight million baby boomers are pathfinding a new life stage characterized by living and working longer. A new book, “The Couples Retirement Puzzle : Ten Must-Have Talks for Transitioning to the Second 1/2 Life,” is a wake-up call to couples and partners as they approach this vital, “3rd age” of their lives. Asking for careful planning, open dialogue, self-awareness and an eagerness to face change, writers Roberta Taylor and Dorian Mintzer – both experienced psychotherapists and life coaches – provide real-life examples, as well as tips and methodologies, for couples in midlife and beyond who are considering, approaching or already in the middle of the retirement phase of their lives.

Taylor and Mintzer believe that when couples may be able to interact efficiently and know how to compromise and negotiate, they're less sure to avoid the often hard and uncomfortable issues connected to retirement transition. Unlike other books about redefining retirement on the market today, Taylor and Mintzer offer couples a road map for effective communication employing a template of 10 (ten) different talks that start the process of creating a shared vision for retirement planning. “Many couples say that although they have a network of mates, issues related to retirement planning and restating their retirement are infrequently discussed.” . The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle : ten Must-Have Talks for Transitioning to the Second 1/2 Life, a 304 page soft-cover book, 6″x9″, is available on the website, barnesandnoble as well as on the book’s website.

It retails for $17.95, with distribution services supplied by Ingram Publisher Services, Incorporated. Is a licensed psychological specialist, career / life transition coach, executive coach, teacher and speaker. She could be a licensed 3rd age coach and a 2Young2Retire certificated facilitator. She facilitates workshops and speaks to community and professional groups on topics related to mid-life issues. She's founding figure behind the Boomers and Beyond, a special interest group for interdisciplinary professionals. She utilizes her life experiences and experience in adult development and holistic life planning in her work with helping people and couples navigate the second half of life.

. Roberta K. Taylor, RNCS, M.Ed, is an approved psychotherapist, life transition coach and expert, and couples relationship training specialist. She brings her expertise in adult development and life planning, as well as her own life experience, to working with individuals and couples facing the challenges and prospects in the second half life. More information is available at : couplesretirementpuzzle pressreleases

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