Atwood Technology Inc, owner of online dating site our Internet website has racked up many accomplishments over the last month. Among these was an invite to pitch to the Dragon’s Den, Canada’s state Reality TV show, which has over 2,000,000 viewers per episode. Atwood Technology has also become a finalist in the “Most Promising Start-up” category for the New Brunswick KIRA Awards that recognize prominence in the IT industry. “However, the news that has really heated our hearts at the internet website is interesting news of an ideal match between Kipici’s first successful couple. Making innovative technology is motivating, but employing this technology to make a positive difference in society and people’s lives is intensely heartwarming and brings a gigantic smile to our faces!” says Theresa Williams, CEO. Sherry, a 38-year-old single mother of a pretty four-year-old child, joined our web site online pr on October 9, 2010 as among the first members of the new dating site based in New Brunswick, Canada.

Sherry, of St. John, had scanned other dating websites before but chose to join Kipici as she liked the assumption that it had been a local enterprise. Sherry tells Williams “Without the internet site I wouldn't have met Corey! He's so smashing, and I'm so sanctified to have him. In the months we have been together I cannot imagine my life without him. I'm looking forward to seeing and speaking to him every single day. I retire to bed with him on my mind and wake up with him on my mind. Thank you for your part in making me more happy then I've ever been.” . Another St. John resident, Corey, 42, a single father of a 14-year-old son, had not used a web dating site.

Nevertheless like Sherry, Corey joined Kipici straight after it was launched because it is a local business and he believed it to be trusty. Corey’s excitement appreciation comes through in an email to Williams:”We are overwhelmed and excited. I myself, would love the opportunity to cuddle you and say a large many thanks, you have made my life different.

I trot off to bed during the night and all I can think about is Sherry. I wake up and all I am able to think about is Sherry. I'm possessed, lol” . When Sherry read Corey’s profile, she was impressed and straight away struck up a chat.

Corey liked Sherry’s profile outline and because she seemed fair, he responded with, “We have all got to start somewhere!” . “We are happy the ‘somewhere’ was Kipici,” announces Williams, “and that we made the chance to bring these two together. If it hadn't been for Kipici they would not have met.” . Their first face to face meetings were on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Tim Horton’s, which they describe as a “nice public place.” They initially made a decision to have children-free dates until they were sure the relationship was for real . But even on the first date they knew they wished to see each other again. Corey related that although they knew they had an interest in one another, Sherry thought he was “too good to be true!” . It appears that Corey used his middle name as his username on the site, and that was only after a month of face to face dating that Sherry discovered his first name.

They chuckle a little when they tell the story. Both Sherry and Corey have fond memories of their earliest days of dating and have now advanced to a great place in their relationship. They are enjoying each other’s company and have introduced both kids into the mix. Corey’s humorous personality is one of the things Sherry likes best, together with the incontrovertible fact that he's “kind, a man .oh, and handsome.” Corey loves Sherry’s honesty, down-to-earth nature and fun spirit! . Sherry and Corey’s blossoming relationship clearly shows you do not have to be alone in life. The wizardry between people is there ; Kipici just helps them find their way to each other’s hearts!

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