There’s some attractive correspondence happening between eco-savvy singles on a popular green dating site, PlanetEarthSingles Chats may include his steaming hot composting techniques and her choice of eco-conscious clothing made from bamboo and hemp. There is a new “sexy” on the rise and it has zip to do with what quantity of cash he makes or how “hot” she looks. It’s more about the size of his carbon footprint and how she turns off the water while shaving her legs. Why is this expanding group heading to online dating sites like Planet Earth Singles? Global temperature increases, air pollution, water pollution, radiation poisoning and overpopulation are strongly influencing many people's priorities, including the kind of person they'd like to meet and marry. There is a increasing trend of single environmental activists hunting out eco-savvy partners on the Web. Janet Ingraham, an affiliate on Planet Earth Singles announces, “It isn't so simple to ask if he recycles and buys locally supplied, supportable organic food while waiting in a line at the Post Office, so being able to find environmentally conscious men all on one site is very efficient!” . Niche online dating sites like Planet Earth Singles attract only eco-conscious singles, so the pool of members has already been “screened” just by the character of the site.

As a member, one can use specific search factors to narrow the field of potential candidates and zoom in on the ones that are truly good matches. For example, one can search for non-smoking, politically liberal, conscious / religious, vegans. Launched on Earth Day, 2006, Planet Earth Singles has grown quickly, establishing the inflating popularity and growing demand for ecologically friendly dating sites. From hard-core environmentalists to the Prius driving commuter, they've all got one specific thing in common ; the members consider themselves “green singles” looking to meet the same. On Planet Earth Singles, diverse members’ professions include teachers, humanitarians, corporate types, massage doctors, authors, healers, activists, doctors, business owners, environmental engineers and social employees.

Members can be found in pretty much every country with the highest concentration in the United States, followed by The United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Jill Crosby, owner and founder of PlanetEarthSingles an environmentalist, says that she is touched by the moving success stories flooding in weekly. Amazingly enough, many of those success stories are from people that live in different locations, often even different countries. Crosby states, “Because the site offers videos, detailed “conscious” essays, instant messaging, a comprehensive compatibility test and a rude Sexual IQ (Intimate contact Quotient), the members practically know one another before corresponding via email or talking on the telephone. Once they meet in the flesh the sparks of new love are probably going to fly.” . The Conscious Dating Network, Crosby’s company, has just launched ConsciousEvents an events website where event promoters and facilitators can list their events, retreats, workshops, travel trips, drum circles etc . These events are promoted to the over sixty thousand singles in the Conscious Dating Network.

Crosby claims the reply from members and event promoters has been incredible. For more information on Planet Earth Singles, Conscious Events, and / or the Conscious Dating Network, email selling (at) planetearthsingles (dot) com and / or visit : PlanetEarthSingles ConsciousEvents and ConsciousDatingNetwork free press releases

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